Sunday, November 22

Going back... the Ronald McDonald House!

For the last several months we have been collecting toys take to the children that would be staying at the RMH over the Christmas holiday. As of now, we have collected well over 100 toys to be donated. We have also collected other supplies to be donated as well...such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and cleaning supplies.

We will be visiting the RMH of Delaware on the following dates:

Saturday December 5, 2009 - we will be delivering the toys and supplies.

This day is also Baby Todd's we will be celebrating his birthday in Wilmington. I have a few ideas planned to help make the day special for the girls as well.

Saturday January 2, 2010 - we will be spending the evening preparing dinner and visiting with the families at the RMH. We will be preparing a meal for approximately 60-80 guests this evening.

Both of these dates hold significant meaning to us, which will cause our visits to be very bittersweet. We are asking for your prayers once again, as we prepare for the next step in this "journey".