Friday, October 24

Week 33

I saw the cardiologist for the last time today. Actually, the last time until Baby is born. The appointment went very well and rather quickly. We had our last prenatal echocardiogram, which only lasted about a half hour. The doctor reviewed everything and was very pleased with what he saw. Baby's heart is very strong and growing well. We have made it passed the "dangerous" phase and now we are just waiting for Baby's arrival.
I go back to Harrisburg next Friday for another routine prenatal exam.
I didn't get measurements or weights today, only a heart rate, which varied every time they checked it. It ranged from lowest at 121 to highest of 139.

Wednesday, October 22

30 Weeks!!

This picture is from 3 weeks my 30 week point. But, better late than never...right!?!

Try to ignore my goofy expression. Honey was being silly while taking the picture, so I joined in the fun and made the goofy face. Actually, this picture is the best one of the 4 he took.

Friday, October 17

October 15, 2008

Today, I am officially 32 weeks! I had my 32 week check up today. I got to meet one of the other doctors in the practice today. So far I've only met 3 of them, and there are still more that I still haven't met. I am finally starting to get comfortable with the idea of going to a new OB. However, meeting a new doctor yesterday really made me miss my old doctors in Chambersburg. Oh well.
My appointment was very routine...and Baby was doing just fine. They did an ultrasound to check his growth. They seemed to be rather rushed, so they didn't go over any of his measurements with me. All I know is that he measured to the 32 weeks and his heart rate was 130.
We took a quick tour of NICU and the Labor/Deliver Unit at the Hospital. I was very surprised at how nice it was. Being the first time delivering at this hospital, I wasn't sure what to expect. But the rooms are very nice. We got to know what to expect when Baby is born. It wasn't really anything new, other than, they basically are going to be rushing us through Labor/Deliver process so that we can be transfered to duPont right away. As soon as Baby is born he will be given some IV's and I will get to hold him for a few minutes. Then he will be taken to the NICU for further assessment. Once he is taken to NICU, then I will get to go sit with him. We won't be in Harrisburg very long, well at least Baby won't be. Once he is stablized and ready for transport, he will be taken to duPont and placed in their NICU until I arrive. This is all information we already knew, but walking through the process with the nurses just seemed to make the process even more real. While in the NICU, we saw a baby that was born at 25 weeks and weighed only 1 pound. He had a twin who was also in the NICU. He was so tiny, and fragile looking...definitely an image I will never forget!
I go back to Harrisburg next Friday for my last appointment with the Cardiologist. I will be having one last echocardiogram before baby is born. We won't see the cardiologist again til Baby is born, and he will have an echocardiogram then.
I hope to post pictures check back to see Baby's updated 4D picture. And of course, my belly, (which I think cannot grow anymore!). :o)

Wednesday, October 8

Another Update...

In keeping with the purpose of this blog...I figured it was high time I shared about my last OB appointment.
The blood work turned out fine! I saw my OB on September 26th, who seemed pleased with how things were going. I am officially back to my starting weight, or pre-pregnancy weight. I actually lost about 12 lbs in the first trimester, then very slowly gained it back. They did a "growth scan" to check the baby's size. This is nothing more than an ultrasound...he weighed about 2 lbs 11 ozs. and his heart rate was 148. The lab tech had trouble getting some of the measurements, Baby didn't really want to cooperate so much.
We also saw Baby's cardiologist for an updated echocardiograhm. It went ok. The Cardiologist said there was very little to no change in the appearance of Baby's heart. He definitely didn't change his diagnosis.

I go back on October 15th to see the OB...and I see the cardiologist on October 24th. That will be the last time we see the cardiologist until Baby is born.
Be praying...we know God has amazing things instore for Baby Brother!