Saturday, April 18


Kylei & I picked this flower to give to Baby Todd for an easter gift. When we bought it, the Azalea had a few branches that stood taller than the others. We clipped those and tied them in a bouquet and put them on Baby Todd's grave Easter Sunday.
Today, as a family, we planted Baby Todd's azalea bush.

Sunday, April 12


Signs of spring are finally visible around us. One look outside and you see new life blooming everywhere. For those of us far enough north, Easter means winter is finally over, the ground begins to thaw and settle to prepare for new growth. And don't forget the most important one, the resurrection. Where God gave of His ONLY son...for us. I was reminded of all these things even more vividly today, as we went to see Baby Brother's grave. His grave is not finished, the ground has settled and the stone hasn't been placed yet. The flowers from his service were still where we left them, untouched. But all around that, we saw brand new grass starting to grow.

My heart ached, no hurt...bad, to read 'Todd H. Martin' on the grave marker today. The selfishness in me almost began to ask God "Why?, Why me?, Why did you have to take my son?"

Then it hit me, God knew exactly how I felt, because He gave His ONLY son too...for me!

Saturday, April 4

A Dream?

The trees are budding, the grass is greening, and the robins are singing. There is a refreshing, earthy smell in the air that only comes around one time of year. Its hard to believe spring is already here and upon us. It seems like just yesterday we were living in the hospital, while Baby Brother was fighting the odds.

Or was it a dream? Sometimes it feels like life has moved on so fast the last couple of months that the whole experience was a dream. Then we are reminded of the reality and the many blessings when we look at the pictures and read the many comments on the blog. It is a time I will never regret or forget. With that said the legacy of Baby Todd continues.

Jerri and I will like to update everyone with what we feel we want/need to do in memory of Baby Brother. We are going to need your continued support and prayers through the many challenges ahead.

The first thing, Jerri and I will be walking in the March of Dimes on May 3rd. We know there are many babies that can benefit from raising awareness and money for this organization (for more info click on the link on the right).

The second thing, we are planing to help at the Ronald McDonald House in Wilmington, De. this coming year (maybe December). We would like to take presents for the families staying there and cook some meals for them. Its the least we can do for all the help we were given and may become a yearly tradition.

The third thing is still in the dream stage. We would like to start a foundation to support the doctors and hospitals that work with heart conditions like Baby Todd's. The doctors have learned so much from the information they got from Todd, maybe we can help with the research to save the next life. How? When? Where? These are the questions we have. The only answer we have is, we want to do everything in Jesus' name. We know without him we have no life!

The girls are doing great and we want to thank everyone for supporting and praying for us the last couple of months. Your prayers are felt more than you could ever know and I give God the credit for the everlasting joy and peace. I ask everyone to continue praying for us and writing words of encouragement. Now more than ever we need your support.