Sunday, April 12


Signs of spring are finally visible around us. One look outside and you see new life blooming everywhere. For those of us far enough north, Easter means winter is finally over, the ground begins to thaw and settle to prepare for new growth. And don't forget the most important one, the resurrection. Where God gave of His ONLY son...for us. I was reminded of all these things even more vividly today, as we went to see Baby Brother's grave. His grave is not finished, the ground has settled and the stone hasn't been placed yet. The flowers from his service were still where we left them, untouched. But all around that, we saw brand new grass starting to grow.

My heart ached, no hurt...bad, to read 'Todd H. Martin' on the grave marker today. The selfishness in me almost began to ask God "Why?, Why me?, Why did you have to take my son?"

Then it hit me, God knew exactly how I felt, because He gave His ONLY son too...for me!


Glenda Possinger said...

Thanks for sharing this. I continue to pray that God gives you peace that only he can. We love you all and continue to pray that God heals your hearts.

Anonymous said...

Your inspirational words are still touching so many lives. Keep us posted on what your plans and dreams are. Love always!!

Jean Squires and family

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing from the heart. Every time I see Kadenn, it makes me think of who is missing. And for her to say we brought flowers for Baby Todd's grave today. My heart ached for you all. May God continue to heal your hearts though there will always be a little area that will be empty. I'm excited for what God is doing through you and those things that you have shared that you want to do to help others. Praise God, we love ya'll, Mary Ellen