Wednesday, March 24

18 weeks 5 days

I had my 18/19 week check up today. It was a very quick appointment. But then again, I guess that's not a bad thing necessarily. I saw a new doctor today. I had no idea she was even part of the practice, nor could I remember her name.

Anyway, on to more important things...

They only did the usual belly measurement & listened to the heart beat.

Heart rate was in the 150's.

This picture was taken Sunday, before we left for church. I'm not really sure what for angle Dustin was going for...but it makes me look a smidge bigger than I really am. At least, I think so! :)

Thursday, March 18


Rumor has it, that there will be a new member of the Martin family, coming soon!

Well, here it is...the word, straight from the horses mouth. So to speak!

It's true! We're EXPECTING!!
The official due date is August 21, 2010 which means I am almost at 18 weeks.

Just to fill you in on what has taken place so far...

We found out there was going to be a new baby, on Christmas Eve!! Yes, what an amazing Christmas Gift! I wanted to wrap the pregnancy test & give it to Dustin as a gift, but couldn't keep it a secret for more than an hour.

February 16th - I finally got in to see the doctor. We had to wait a bit longer due to some changes in our insurance. But, that's all good now.

February 19th - I had an ultrasound to confirm my due date. The heartbeat was strong and steady. Baby moved quite a bit. This is also the day we told the girls, and our parents. The girls are ecstatic, by the way!!

February 24th - Another appointment with the Doctor. Basically to review the ultrasound and listen to the heartbeat again. The heartbeat at this appointment was 154/160. According to the Doctor, at this appointment, I was 14 1/2 weeks which makes my due date August 21st. She also said the ultrasound looked good, however, it was too soon to see everything.

February 24th - BLOOD WORK!! Yuck...
Not a great picture...This one was taken @ 16 weeks!
March 24th - My next appointment with my regular OB. I will be having my 20 week ultrasound with my neonatologist in Harrisburg on Wednesday March 31st. At this point, I am not going to the specialist because of any concerns. We are just being cautious. Plus, with their ultrasound equipment, we will get a much more detailed result.
I am hoping to get some good pictures at that appointment, so hopefully I can introduce you to the new baby boy OR girl really soon!! Also, in another post, I hope to answer some of the many questions I have been asked lately & update you on how I've been feeling so far!