Wednesday, March 24

18 weeks 5 days

I had my 18/19 week check up today. It was a very quick appointment. But then again, I guess that's not a bad thing necessarily. I saw a new doctor today. I had no idea she was even part of the practice, nor could I remember her name.

Anyway, on to more important things...

They only did the usual belly measurement & listened to the heart beat.

Heart rate was in the 150's.

This picture was taken Sunday, before we left for church. I'm not really sure what for angle Dustin was going for...but it makes me look a smidge bigger than I really am. At least, I think so! :)

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Victoria said...

lol. I think the angle makes you look a lot shorter as well! :) And thinner....hmmmm.
But I am extremely excited for you guys! And I'm glad you're blogging about it so I can keep updated!