Monday, August 15

Not just another food pantry

Well, as of July 2011, Todd's Closet is officially up & running, exactly 3 years after we found out that Baby Todd was sick. We are starting to take donations for Todd's Closet. If you would like to help out, please click on the Wish List tab above to get a current list of needed items.

If you are here and want to know more about Todd's Closet and how or why we got started, you can click on the Todd's Closet tab above.

I wanted to take a minute and share a little bit about the vision for Todd's Closet. I know some of you probably read our background story and are completely on board. Or, maybe you've been following Todd's story for the last three years and feel the need to support our family for other reasons. For which ever reason you are here, I'm so very glad you are! The following paragraph is an excerpt from a article I have written, that will be featured in a local publication next month. I wanted to share it here too...just to give you an idea of what our purpose and goal is for Todd's Closet.

As for the future of Todd's Closet, I would like to see it grow to become more than just another food & toiletry bank. With people and their needs constantly changing, it is hard to say exactly what Todd's Closet will look like. However, our prayer is that it would be a ministry based on building relationships, and truely being the 'hands and feet' of Jesus.

A very big THANK YOU to every one that has supported our family over the last 3 years and encouraged us to keep going!