Friday, October 24

Week 33

I saw the cardiologist for the last time today. Actually, the last time until Baby is born. The appointment went very well and rather quickly. We had our last prenatal echocardiogram, which only lasted about a half hour. The doctor reviewed everything and was very pleased with what he saw. Baby's heart is very strong and growing well. We have made it passed the "dangerous" phase and now we are just waiting for Baby's arrival.
I go back to Harrisburg next Friday for another routine prenatal exam.
I didn't get measurements or weights today, only a heart rate, which varied every time they checked it. It ranged from lowest at 121 to highest of 139.

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The Amstutz Family said...

How AWESOME it has to feel to be past the "dangerous" phase. YEAH!!! We'll keep praying that everything goes smoothly (and timely) with baby's coming.