Wednesday, October 8

Another Update...

In keeping with the purpose of this blog...I figured it was high time I shared about my last OB appointment.
The blood work turned out fine! I saw my OB on September 26th, who seemed pleased with how things were going. I am officially back to my starting weight, or pre-pregnancy weight. I actually lost about 12 lbs in the first trimester, then very slowly gained it back. They did a "growth scan" to check the baby's size. This is nothing more than an ultrasound...he weighed about 2 lbs 11 ozs. and his heart rate was 148. The lab tech had trouble getting some of the measurements, Baby didn't really want to cooperate so much.
We also saw Baby's cardiologist for an updated echocardiograhm. It went ok. The Cardiologist said there was very little to no change in the appearance of Baby's heart. He definitely didn't change his diagnosis.

I go back on October 15th to see the OB...and I see the cardiologist on October 24th. That will be the last time we see the cardiologist until Baby is born.
Be praying...we know God has amazing things instore for Baby Brother!