Monday, September 22

Blood work, yuck!

My OB in Harrisburg has been asking me to get some blood work done. I finally did was the day I've been dreading! I had 5 tubes of blood drawn, one of which was for the glucose test. Yes, I had to drink the dreaded "orange soda".
But, as much as I tried to avoid the tests, I survived...


The Amstutz Family said...

YAHOO!!! Congrats on making it through the the needle poking, blood draining, syrup sipping, pee in a cup (yet again) saga!
~From one expectant mom to another!

Quin's momma said...

I happened upon your blog because it was mentioned on one of my friend's blog. I do not know you, but my prayers are with you. I was reading the post about the ultrasound you had, showing that Baby's heart is growing, along with other parts of Baby's body. I got tears in my eyes, it touched me so greatly. First of all, it amazes me what ultrasounds can see; I got them each prenatal visit with my daughter. But I am so glad you're being blessed with the medical teams and opportunities. Heavenly Father is with you throught it all, isn't He? Many Prayers!