Friday, January 2

Daddy's Heart

Baby Brother, from the day we found out about his condition strengthened my faith and my family. His life brought me to a point, over and over again, of completely relying on God. In return God was faithful over and over again. Through it all Todd had strength that could not be described. As the Doctors once told us “He is made of something special”. I feel very blessed to be the earthly father of this little boy. As I would begin to weaken, Todd would squeeze my finger and look at me with strength that only could have come from God. Baby Todd left a legacy here on earth in three weeks, greater than I will ever imagine. I use the strength that God has given me through Baby Brother to give God the glory, praise, and honor. There will always be a spot in my heart for Baby Brother, and I know there is a spot for Jerri and I in the arms of Jesus. I thank God for answering all our prayers of complete healing. God was faithful again. We have a peace in our hearts that leave us rejoicing and following in the footsteps of Jesus.


Anne said...

PRAISE GOD! Dustin & Jerri, We praise God with you in the joy we have in knowing our personal Savior, Jesus Christ!! Thank you for sharing your heart and the reason you have strength through this! What a beautiful testimony your family has shared with us all! May God continue to bless, comfort and give an overwhelming Peace that passes all understanding! God has used Your family to touch so many lives~ all for HIS GLORY, and for that, We Thank You!!, Love and Prayers, Jared and Annie Kuhns

Aunt Julie in AZ said...

I am sorry I could not be at the celebration today and share with you in person of Todd's home going.
I am proud to be your Aunt and I thank you that thru your experience to once again remind me to enjoy every day, every moment and see God's hand in it. I will continue to lift you up as in these next few days there will be a lot of quiet time to reflect over the last 3 weeks whirl wind. It is hard to see and deal with all Todd experienced from a nursing perspective, yet alone his wonderful parents. To see him thru all he had to go thru lets me know you have a great faith in a Big God and you trusted him. Allow yourselves to grieve what was and what could have been and continue to be carried by God thru this next phase of adjustment. Thanks your testimony! Love,-Aunt Julia in AZ