Sunday, December 5

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today we celebrate Todd's 2nd birthday...not with cards, gifts or cake...but with 24 balloons & lots of memories.
Todd...on his Birthday - December 5. 2008

This morning, we released 24 balloons in memory of Baby Todd. One balloon to represent each precious day we were blessed to spend with him. Tags were attached to each balloon, in hopes that they would eventually be found.

I was praying for clear skies for our balloon release. However when I woke up this morning the clouds were thick and low, with snow flurries, very similiar to the weather last year on Todd's birthday.

If you found one of Todd's balloons please leave a comment here on the blog. We would like to hear where all the balloons were found.

If this is your first time visiting the blog, feel free to go back and read previous posts to get Todd's complete story.


For more pictures from our balloon release, click HERE!

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Anonymous said...

I found one of the tags today at my office in Baltimore, MD. Todays date is Dec.6,2010. Happy birthday Todd. Greg