Wednesday, January 19

5 months **Updated with picture

Paisley is now 5 months old!
I have been taking a picture of her on the 18th of every month...for her scrapbook. Since I am with her all day (every day), I don't seem to notice the changes she is making. So, I enjoy looking at the pictures of her to compare from month to month.
I don't have one for 5 months yet...I know, I'm slacking! However, yesterday...the girl was just a mess! Dirty, that is. And, as of now, she is napping. So I'll add a picture later!

Some of Paisley's recent accomplishments...

  • Rolling over is a thing of the past!

  • She can get her self up on 'all fours'...but then doesn't know what to do after that! So, maybe we'll be crawling soon?

  • Loves to sit in her walker & watch cartoons. Oh, and she knows how to push her self backwards in it.

  • LOVES to eat! She is doing very well with baby cereal & food. Unfortunately, she does not have her Mama's love of sweet potatoes. :(

  • She sleeps any where from 8-12 hours at night. No, I do not make that up! We usually put her to bed around 8pm and she will sleep til 5am or after!

I'll be back with pictures soon!!