Friday, May 7

Finally, 9 months in the waiting!

It has been almost 9 months of waiting...both painfully and patiently! But, we finally got the call last Thursday, that Baby Todd's gravestone was being installed.

We took the girls by the church's cemetary the following Saturday to see it.

After all the wait, we were very pleased with how it turned out. As painful as it was, it was definitely worth the wait!
It's nothing fancy...but, being the "farming, outdoorsy" family that we are...we wanted it to look like a rock that was dug up on the farm. Or, something you would see hiking in the mountains.
We've been wanting to go back and take flowers to dress things up a bit. However, Kylei had the bright idea of buying some bulbs to plant next to the stone. So, this weekend we will be buying some bulbs for Baby Todd.

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Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful choice and it looks so good. I'm so glad the wait is over for you. I love the bulb idea. I hope your weekend project is meaningful and leaves a special memory for your family.