Thursday, May 20

I still find it funny and exciting to see how God answers our prayers. Yes, even the small things matter to Him...and I love that!
Yesterday was my 26 week appointment with the Baby Doctor. Technically though, I am 26 weeks and 5 days. Anyway, I was also to have the dreaded Glucose Tolerance Test yesterday, as well. Now, any of you who have had this test, know what I am talking about. It's not a big deal, but that stuff they make you drink is just plain disgusting. Originally, I was told that I would have the 3+ hour version of this test. Which means I drink the juice then have blood drawn 3 or 4 times in hourly intervals. I am not a patient person & Dustin was in meetings at work, so I was in this by myself.
As it turned out...I didn't have to do the 3 hour version at all. So thank you for answering my prayers!!
On another note, everything with the little "Princess" is going just fine. The doctors are very pleased with me (us).
Starting with my next appointment, I will start having appointments every 2 weeks. Seems soon, I know. BUT, they have told me that because of my history, they are looking for something to go wrong. So, the more often they see me, the more likely they are to find "something". It wasn't very encouraging to hear that, even though I already knew this in the back of my mind. So, if you could please be praying for me in the area of patience...that would be great and much appreciated. I am not a patient person, so 3 more months of waiting for baby to arrive, plus, extra doctor visits just make me a bit crazy!


Mary Ellen said...

Jerri, God will give you the patience to endure all those extra visits. We will be praying.

Keisha said...

Hey Jerri, I'm praying that everything will go well and the little girl will be a healthy one. My whole family cried with you when Baby Todd went to heaven.