Thursday, June 3

28 weeks (almost 29) and counting...

I know, it's probably a bit soon to start the count down...

...but: It's summer - which means it will get crazy hot real soon. And, I'm feeling huge! Doesn't make for a good combination or a happy pregnant mama...

anyway, moving on to a few updates:

  • Starting this week, I will be seeing the Doctor every other week. Because of my 'history' they are hoping to find a 'problem' with either me or the baby. Encouraging, huh!?!
  • This coming Friday (June 4th) I have dedicated to the Lab...I'll be enduring the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. Yes, the one I thought I got out of 2 weeks ago!
  • Starting at 32 weeks (4 weeks from now) I will start having weekly NST's. (Non-stress tests) - to monitor Baby's movement & my contractions.
  • I have one more ultrasound scheduled for July. Currently Baby is measuring in the 6oth percentile. Which, according to the doctor, is average.
  • The nursery is well underway. Just a few more things to take care of, and her room will be all set!

These are a few shots of the Princess, taken at 26 weeks!

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Anonymous said...


She is beautiful. I can't believe how much ultra-sounds show. Hope you do well with the summer heat and have an uneventiful pregnancy.

Carlene Eby
(A Horst cousin)