Wednesday, June 30

32 weeks

Just a quick update...

I had a routine doctor appointment today. Kadenn went along this time. This was her first experience getting to "check on the baby", so she was very excited!

The baby's heartbeat was in the 14o's, it was a bit hard to hear at times because Baby can NOT stay still. The doctor was very pleased though, with how things are going thus far. I am down to 7 weeks and 3 days til my due date...and YES, I am counting down!

I also found out today that I can take Benedryl! I know, not a big deal to the majority of the world. And, being able to take Benedryl while pregnant is probably old news. but here's the deal...

I avoid taking medicine like the plague. So I didn't make it a point to learn what meds I can and can't take. Anyway, on to my point.

I haven't been all! Maybe 2 hours a night, 3 or 4 if I'm lucky. I don't even nap during the day. I'm sure you can only imagine how that must make me feel. So, knowing that it is okay for me to take Benedryl is a good thing! I am so looking forward to going to sleep tonight!

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The Amstutz Family said...

Sweet dreams! So happy for you that you can get some relief!