Tuesday, July 13

34 weeks and a mini vacation!

Friday, was my 34 week ultrasound...things continue to go well. Baby is growing like a weed!

According to the ultrasound measurements, they estimate she currently weighs 5 lbs 9 ozs. and is measuring in the 60 percentile. I am gearing up for a big baby!!

Sunday, started Dustin's vacation from UPS. We didn't want to take a big vacation in the middle of what could be a busy hay season...so, we scheduled a quick mini get away.

We spent 2 days on Chincoteague Island...

The girls enjoyed the beach, and LOVED the pool! Go figure...

We toured the Assateague Lighthouse. Dustin & the girls climbed to the top! I, on the otherhand, sat in the truck with the A/C on!
We toured the visitors centers to learn the history of the Islands, played mini-golf, ate some good food & of course got in a little shopping too!

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