Sunday, August 1

A Husbands Prespective

Time is nearing on the arrival of our little girl, but first I would like to share some memories.......

After the 'change of our lives', a question was often asked.. "Are you going to have another baby?" We would respond with ''Maybe, if that is Gods plan for us.'' We did want a baby, but we didn't want to try to 'replace' baby brother. So, we left it in Gods hands and here we are expecting.

Then we were asked ''Do you hope its a boy?'' We would say ''We just want a healthy baby." A boy would be nice but might feel like a replacement...A girl would be a great blessing, because they are so beautiful. When we found out 'it' was a girl we were at peace and concider her an addition to the family not a replacement. Now I just hope God provides another bathroom for the house!

About 4-5 months into the pregnacy, we decided we should start to organize the baby's room. This was the 'keep out' room that was full of memories and we would not dare to go into alone. So, Jerri and I started into it a little at a time. This took many days, because we would usually end up laying on the floor talking and crying together as the memories would flow.

One day we were going through the clothes in the dresser and Jerri broke down. I thought she got kicked or something, but then she showed me what she found. Knowing Todd was going to need surgery we were encouged to get shirts that snapped open in the front. The months leading up to the birth of Todd that was our mission. If any of you have shopped for baby clothes before, know that these can be hard to find. We had a drawer full of this special clothing. Finding them hit a very tender spot and the tears began to flow, again.

A couple of weeks later, we were well on our way with the baby's room, I came into the kitchen and Jerri had just came down the stairs. She had tears in her eyes and I knew where she had been, the baby's room. I asked her what she found this time and she said nothing with a tear in her eye. ''What is wrong then'' I asked. She responded with a twinkle I haven't seen in a long time"We are going to get to bring home a baby!" Thats when it hit me...these are tears of joy, not of sorrow...she was ready to move on. The tears began to flow, yet again.

There is always giong to be a tender spot in our hearts that will never be replaced, however by the grace of God there is room for one more.

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Eric and April said...

Amen to everything. . . and tears too. Blessings as you welcome baby #4 and girl #3 to your home and waiting arms. :) The JOY cannot be explained!