Saturday, August 7

Let the count down begin!

Today I hit the 38 week mark!

Everything is going well, in terms of the pregnancy & our health. However, my patience has expired! I am stretched, literally, just about as far as I can handle. My bag is packed, the baby's room is ready, her clothes & blankets have been washed...we're just waiting for her to arive!

The anticipation gets stronger every day...

I did end up having to spend about 2 hours at the hospital yesterday for a Non-stress test. Thanks to a mis-reading of my blood pressure during my Dr visit. But, as we keep telling ourselves...better be safe than sorry. Even though I knew in my gut that nothing was wrong.

After being connected to the monitors for an hour and a half, and having blood work done, it was confirmed that it was just probably a mis-read of my blood pressure. I was told to go home & continue waiting...

So - here I am, at home...waiting!!

This picture is from 2 weeks ago...Dustin's brother got married!

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Anonymous said...

Love the picture. I hope your waiting goes well and that you are soon blessed with your precious little girl! I really appreciated Dustin's post too. I was going to leave a comment but had no words... (hence, no comment!)