Thursday, November 18

3 months!

Paisley is officially 3 months old
...and is growing and changing by leaps and bounds.
She doesn't see the doctor for another month, so I don't have her official measurements...but, I am certain she has gained 3 or 4 pounds! She is now starting to wear some 3-6 month size clothes; which really saddens me to see the stack of 'outgrown' clothes getting bigger and bigger.

Paisley loves to lay on the floor to play and kick. She is working so hard at rolling over, but hasn't quite made it yet. She also has figured out she has a tongue...which just adds to the crazy amounts of drool.
Sleep: As of the last week or so, she has started going to bed between 7:30 and 8pm. (If we're home...) Typically she'll sleep til 6am. I know...still can't believe that my self. She hasn't been napping much through out the day, which makes the long stretch at night much easier.


Anonymous said...

Since I haven't seen Paisley in person yet and I don't have facebook, I enjoy your pictures and info about her on your blog.

Love, Aunt Hannah

Anonymous said...

Paisley is such a precious girl! Love the picture!