Thursday, November 11

Good bye 4am!

My baby is growing...I know, It's inevitable. But, does it have to happen so fast??

As of the last week, Paisley is now sleeping til 6am. So, no more 4am feedings. As much as I enjoy sleeping with out interruption, I truly did enjoy our early morning snuggle time in the recliner.
Oh, and as for that snuggle time...I think it will soon be a thing of the past. We have noticed that the more we try to cuddle & rock Paisley at night, the more she fights going to sleep. On the nights that we feed her & put her to bed, it seems she falls right to sleep.
She did alot of this today...
I know...not too exciting. But I guess today she realized that her fist was good for more than just sucking on.

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Eric and April said...

Know the feeling!! I try and blame it (babies growing up too fast) on the fact that Isaac when through stages 4 mo to 12 mo in like 5 months time, BUT every baby does all these things in a year. . . . His was just slightly on slow and then quick fast forward and make up time. Crazy!! But I love every stage (so far) and wouldn't want to send him backwards. But to stop and think about it, does make your head spin. :)