Thursday, August 14

20 weeks..continued!

Wednesday July 23, we received a call from the OB stating that we would need to see a Neonatal Cardiologist. The Doctor and Radiologist found that Baby had a heart abnormality. The left two chambers of his heart were not visible on any of the ultrasound pictures.
We were then referred to a OB Specialist in Harrisburg, PA...and were to see them the next day.
I automatically assumed the worst, who wouldn't have.
I immediately thought back to early January when I miscarried, and had to have a D & E due to "absent cardiac activity".
Thursday July 24, 2008 we went to Harrisburg for our appointment with the specialist. We (I) endured 2 hours of ultrasounds with 2 doctors, 1 intern, 1 Cardiac Sonographer and a Ultrasound Technician.
Before going into this appointment, Honey & I prayed...for our own strength to endure whatever news we would get, and to show us a small miracle.
During the appointment, the doctors and techs were able to find the left chambers of Baby's heart. They were very small and there wasn't really any blood flowing through the left was just there. Half way through the appointment we were given a break and Honey & I were left alone in the exam room. We prayed again, and prepared ourselves for the rest of the exam.
By the end of the ultrasound the Doctor was able to find the left side of Baby's heart, with proper blood flow. Baby's heart was functioning properly. It was our sign...our hope and encouragement!
The Doctor suggested that we come back in a week to speak to the Cardiologist to get an official diagnosis and discuss treatment options. When we left the appointment, we were told that I would have to deliver Baby at Dupont Children's Hospital, where he could be immediately prepped for Open Heart Surgery as soon as he was born. This condition was very severe and very rare, and only a few hospitals on the east coast perform the procedure that Baby would need.

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