Saturday, August 30

This blog has a purpose.

I started to write my post about my appointment on Friday, but I wanted to go back a bit and rewind.
Honey said to me the other day (as if this was a new idea), that we need to be journaling our experiences and keep track of Baby's progress through out this pregnancy. Of course I told him I already had that taken care of.
Honey and I have been through a lot in our 8 years of marriage and our years before that as singles. With that said, we have grown tremendous amounts, and God has blessed both of us with amazing spiritual gifts. We decided when Baby was diagnosed with HLHS, we were not going to allow that to hold us back. Baby is a huge blessing to us already, in so many ways, and we felt honored that God chose us to be his earthly parents.
With all that said, I am blogging our experiences through this pregnancy and will probably continue for a while after Baby is born. Our goal is that whoever reads this will be blessed in one way or another.

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