Sunday, November 2

34 Week check up...

Sorry for posting twice in one day. I wanted to update sooner but I had a very busy weekend, and when I did have a bit of down time...I slept! Anyway, I still wanted to take a minute to update from my OB appointment on Friday. I am officially on a weekly schedule to see the OB, so you will start to get more frequent updates...maybe! ;o)

Like I said before, I don't have to see the cardiologist until Baby Brother arrives. At that point the medical team from duPont in Wilmington will come to Harrisburg and care for Baby Brother, then transport him. So I will only be seeing my OB from now on. He says that a lot can happen in a week, so he needs to see me more often. That's fine.

This Friday was my first Fetal Stress Test. I was hooked up to the monitors for a half hour to record Baby's heart rate and movement patterns. Plus, it recorded any contractions I was having. Baby Brother was to move 2 times every 10 minutes...he definitley did that! He wasn't still much at all. His heart rate fluctuated perfectly according to his movements. His heart rate ranged from 117 to 162. I also had another ultrasound, however, it was only long enough to measure amniotic fluid...which was normal.

I will be having a Fetal Stress Test, weekly from now on. Plus regular ultrasounds every other visit, to measure Baby Brother. I am looking forward to my next appointment...I'm curious to find out how much he has grown...considering my belly is HUGE!

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