Wednesday, November 12

So little much to do!

Well - it's official! The countdown has begun...I have 4 more weeks until Baby Brother is due to join us! I feel like I have so much to do to prepare. Here is a list of things I'll be working on over the next 4 weeks...hoping Baby doesn't come too early, so I can finish my list! ;o)
* Finish the curtains in Baby Brother's room...I decided to make them myself and I have to finish the one set and start the second!
* Find a quilt & buy crib sheets that will match his curtains
* Buy a few more items that are required for caring for a baby...monitor, diaper pail, bottles, etc
* Pack our suitcases for our stay at the Hospital -both Harrisburg and Wilmington
* Changing table for upstairs
* Put together the Swing, Stroller, and Car Seat
I'm sure I am missing a few things on my list, but these are just a few I have been concentrating on. We actually put together the stroller and Car seat last night. So I can cross that off my list!
I have been having more contractions...not strong ones, but they have been happening more often, even when I am laying down or resting. So, we'll see what the Doctor says on Friday.

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