Saturday, November 22

37 weeks 2 days

Friday, November 21st I had another OB appointment, and I saw another new doctor. Sorry, but I don't even know his name.

My appointment was at 1:00pm so of course I ate a sandwhich on the way there, which I learned was not the best thing to do. They put me on the monitor first, and since I just ate, Baby Brother didn't want to cooperate with them. He just wanted to lay comfortably and not move at all. Finally, after about 20 minutes, he started moving around. At this point, his heart rate went up to 182. I started to panic, but the nurse said it was okay to go that high. I also had a pretty big contraction while on the monitor. I have been having a lot of contractions lately, but not regularly enough to be really concerned. Having contractions seem to make me really tired. So, I have been trying to relax as much as possible...hoping to save up some energy for the real deal!!

I had another ultrasound today check fluids & baby's breathing patterns. Doctor says everything is looking good! They didn't check dialation, which kind of surprised me...considering I am less than 3 weeks away from my due date.

I go back up to Harrisburg to be monitored on Black Friday. I have to go to the hospital for this appointment since the Office will be closed. Then I go back to see the Doctor on Monday December 1st. At that appointment we are going to check dialation and discuss scheduling me to be induced. So hopefully, at that point, I'll have a better idea of when Baby Brother will be joining us!!

I got another picture before we left for the doctor today...

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The Amstutz Family said...

Looking beautiful! I'll be thinking about you guys! Can't wait to hear good news.