Friday, November 7

35 weeks, 2 days

I wish I could get in the habit of updating sooner...sorry, I am almost a week behind.
Yet another check up...Friday November 7

Once again I was hooked up to the monitor to check Baby Brother's heart rate and movements. I was also being monitored for any contractions. Baby Brother cooperated and his heart rate and movements fluctuated well, as matter of fact, that I didn't have to do the entire half hour! Plus, I actually had a contraction while hooked up to the monitor. I never experienced Braxton Hicks contractions with my first two pregnancies, I had no idea what they felt like. Well, now that I experienced it while on the monitor, I know exactly what a contraction feels like. And...I have been having them for a few weeks. Not regularly at all, but at least one or 2 a day.

Anyway, I had one contraction and Baby Brother's heart rate was anywhere between 116 and 156. He moved quite a bit. I did have a quick ultrasound, but they only measured fluid and his heart rate again. Next appointment I will have the growth scan, to see how big he is getting!

Since I was having contractions, the doctor thought it best to check and see if I am dialating at all. I am almost at 1 cm...which is not much at all. I do find that I have contractions more frequently if I do a lot of walking. So, the Doctor told me to take it easy and make sure I get lots of rest so I don't have any contractions. Their goal is for me to go at least 40 weeks or even 41 weeks (YIKES!) to make sure Baby Brother is plenty big enough for surgery.
My next appointment is Friday November 14th...36weeks and 2 days!

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