Friday, December 12

The Berlin Heart

Thursday was an up and down day. The doctor made an attempt at weening Baby Todd off the heart and lung machine. They found that he wasn't quite ready and had to make some adjustments to the tubes connecting him to the machine. Before the adjustments, the kidneys were beginning to show signs of stress, afterwards they started to return to a more normal function. Thursday ended up being a day full of waiting and rest, again.
We found out Wednesday night that Baby Todd has been approved to receive the Berlin Heart. It is to be arriving some time Thursday night. He has been tentatively scheduled to have the Berlin Heart procedure around 8:30am on Friday morning. The use of the Berlin Heart is to allow Baby Todd's heart to continue to rest, without as high a risk of infection, bleeding or other organ damage.


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how stressful this has to be for you. Praying for God's peace for you and Dusty as you stand by Baby Todd one moment at a time.

Is there an address for you there at the hospital?

Love and Prayers,
Aunt Hannah

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all and baby Todd today. Also for the Dr's who will be doing surgery on Todd.


Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for you two and all the Dr's involved. Baby Todd has struck the hearts and minds of many over this past week. He's already left such an impact!

Love Ya,

Thrills said...

I just wanted you to know that you are on my heart all day. We are praying for you, baby Todd, and your whole family.

Anonymous said...

May you feel God's love around you today and God's hands moving through the doctor's as they do teh surgery. My heart aches for you all as this must be so stressful but yet feel some type of peace knowing that Prayer is Everything. Baby Todd and the rest of you all are in our hearts and prayers as we continue to pray for healing.


Anonymous said...

We check the blog often. Thank you so much for the updates. Lots of prayers are with all of you.

Aunt Jeannie

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all and baby Todd.
Appreciate the updates, so we can share in a small measure your experience.

Love And Prayers
Bob, Sharon & Cheyanne

Anonymous said...

We've been thinking about you guys. Hope everything has gone well today. Been praying lots!

Anonymous said...

God is good...hang in there Baby Todd! We all look forward to your homecoming. Prayers are winging your way while you have surgery and recover. Lots of love to Mom, Dad, and your sisters too.

Jean Squires