Monday, December 22

Its Official

Today was another day of rest for Baby Todd. God was faithful again! The doctors are slowly going to try to ween him of the oxygenating machine (VV ecmo), if his lungs continue to improve. This will be a very big step in the right direction.
Jerri and I had a chance to do some Christmas shopping today. We are planning on celebrating Christmas in Delaware and working on the details. I believe this is going to be a Christmas we won't forget.
Todd Heston Martin is now official. Since his birth he was referred to as Baby Boy Martin. Because of the urgency at his birth, they didn't find it important to have the official name on file. They did the fastest registration they could. We trust God for another day of rest tomorrow for Todd and pray for complete healing of his lungs.


Anonymous said...

many many many prayers, our hearts are with you guys. God is good and He is in control, and I love that you give him the glory for every little miracle. Thinking of you all the time...Mark and Hannah

Aunt Julia said...

I have Todd on many prayer chains of faithful prayer warriors from AZ to TX. Everyone is routing for Baby Todd and for you all and I have them all following your blog. Your faith is astounding and encouraging to all of us. Praise be to God forever and ever!

Thanks, Jesus, for coming to earth as a baby boy beating the odds yourself with your lowly birth and example setting life. We trust you to touch Todd with a Christmas Miracle of healing so he can continue to be an example of your faithfulness in life as well.
Love you all- Aunt Julia

Gina said...

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to us! May this Christmas give opportunity of your power in the lives of your children that trust you for your Presence.
Standing in the Gap for you, friends,
Gina (for the gang)

The Amstutz Family said...

Wahooo!! We are rejoicing with you guys!!!! How awesome to watch God move. It's so cool too that Jesus came as a baby to BRING hope and baby Todd is here this Christmas as a baby who has RECEIVED hope. Immanuel - God IS with us!!!! We will continue to lift you guys up and pray that Todd will continue to rest and that his lungs will transition well. Have an awesome day!

Anonymous said...

So excited about the updates on Todd!!! He is definetly a precious gift!! Continually praying for complete healing for him!!
Michael and Shannon

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! We are rejoicing with you and continue to pray for complete healing! Have a wonderful Christmas, in whatever way you celebrate!

Aunt Jeannie

Anonymous said...

I'm in school amid the holiday excitement of the students and marvelling at the progress Todd is making. Praise God! THAT is the holiday excitement that makes me overjoyed!

I smile and I'm sure that my students are wondering what makes me smile: God's miracle in Todd.

--susan mowen

anya said...

Merry Christmas Cuz. You and Jerri are both talented writers. We will miss you at Martin Christmas, but you sure won't be forgotten. Much much love. Anya

Anonymous said...

You know...I honestly wonder how many people have been praying for baby Todd...because I know of A LOT and it sounds like everyone else does too! People come into work all the time and ask me how the baby is doing and so I tell them the latest update I get on here and everyone has been so diligent with thinking of you guys and your new little boy!

I'll talk to you sometime tonight!

Love Ya and Continuing to pray for your strength and Todd's!