Friday, December 19

The Marathon

The past 24 hours took us a few steps back. Wednesday night, due to his lowering oxygen levels, the surgeon had to put Todd on another machine to oxygenate his blood. His kidneys and liver seem to be improving, so the doctors are remaining optimistic. The one doctor said "this is technology at its limit".
Today Jerri was able to go home and spend some time with the girls. I was able to spend several hours with little man today. He would squeeze my finger and look at me as if to say "I'm hanging in there daddy". Its moments like this I think I will never forget. A doctor told me to pace myself we are running a marathon....I guess she thought I was putting in a lot of time. On two occasions the nurses said "He is one tough baby". That's my boy!
We thank everyone who is continuing to run this marathon with us. We pray for Todd's lungs to recover and continued strength for 'one tough baby'. Praise be to God for he is in control!


Anonymous said...

We are running this marathon with you in our prayers! Blessings of health, perseverance, and strength, and for all of you.

Aunt Jeannie

Gina said...

So glad for Jerri to be able to spend some time with the girls while Dustin hangs out with Todd. I'm praying that God will give you His peace and presence as you juggle dividing time between your three children. God has surely blessed your children with loving parents. I wish all children could be so loved.

Anonymous said...

Running a marathon is grueling; having people encouraging you along the way keeps you going. Know that we are going through this with you. We think of you and pray for you often!!! God's warmest blessings and comfort to you today.


Glenda said...

We are running this race with you. I am so glad Jerri was able to come home to spend time with the girls, I'm sure this was as good for her as it was for the girls. You all are in our prayers, and we continue to ask God for healing for baby Todd. What a strong little man you have.


free2live4him said...

I'm glad to hear Jerri got to come home for a short time. And you are continually in our prayers. We are all part of God's family and families stick together through the hard times as well as the easy times.
love you guys!

The Amstutz Family said...

So glad that you've been able to have some quality time with all your beautiful children today! I'm sure that means a lot to all of you. We are also so thankful that while you are at a place where you can experience the far limits of technology that we also serve a God with absolutely NO limits. May He sustain you during this "marathon". We are praying for you guys. So glad that Todd comes from such good stock!

Anonymous said...

I'm running too! I'll be running as long as you need me too :) Prayer is a powerful weapon and God has some amazing plan in all of this!!!!!

Love ya guys!

Anonymous said...

We are still praying, and will continue praying for you and Baby Todd. Kristin, Randy, and Rylan

Gina said...

We certainly serve a God with no limits! So thankful for His amazing, limitless power.