Sunday, December 28

Keep on Keeping on!

The doctors were finally able to take fluid out of Baby Todd the last 24 hours with the ultra filtration system. Before the system, they were putting in more fluid than he was putting out, thus making his lungs 'wet'. With the extra fluids out, they are hoping his lungs can recover. It was hard to see him today, if you can imagine a grape to a raisin you will understand. We can now see how sick he really is.
I took the girls back home today, and it leaves us here in the quiet once again. We look forward to each day we get to see them. We are praying that Todd will take a few steps forward, so we can feel more comfortable taking turns coming home. Continue to pray for Baby Todd's lungs to recover and we are keeping on keeping on! God is Good, all the time! All the time, God is Good!


Anonymous said...

I love the music on your blog! May the Lord sustain & strengthen you, the girls and Todd. We are praying for you!!


Anonymous said...

We continue to pray that the Holy Spirit enter Todd's body and mend all that is needing fixed. Passing on a great big hug to you guys from St. Thomas. May today be another step of encouragement.

Love-Ken,Kimi,& boys

Aunt Julia in AZ said...

I love your music and it made me cry as I see the strengtgh you can draw from them at this time....those songs have gotten me thru some rough times as well. I am so in awe how you make this page work number 1 and number 2 at the faith you are is at these times we realize what we have in Jesus.
I have Baby Todd on every prayer chain and I have everyone following your blog. Todd thru you is reaching so many hearts and witness the power of prayer and faith to many who do not believe or want to believe but struggle. It is encouragement to the rest of us to not take life and minutes for granted. Todd truly is leaving a legacy, Jerri. I am believing in the knowledge, technology, compassionate nurses and doctors to be lead by guardian angles and the Holy Spirit whether they are aware or not to do what is right for Baby Todd. Under His wings you are safely abiding...right now there are one set of foot prints as he carries you thru this. I love you all very much! I will see you all to include Todd at Kelsey's wedding receiption on August 9 in Pennsylvania! :-) Aunt Julia

Anonymous said...

The music is great and makes it feel welcoming and encouraging. God IS good all the time! And He has a reason for everything and sometimes we don't understand it. Todd has touched so many people in these past weeks and we are praying and thanking God for all that he has done and is doing.

the French's

Anonymous said...

Wow! I usually read your blog with tears in my eyes, but tonight when the music kicked in I sat here with tears streaming, praising God right along with you! We continue to pray and we love you!

Kurt, Dori, & the girls

Talon and Lisa said...

Wow, I honestly have no words that could due justice to the way you both are handling this. As a father of 3, I don't think I could cope nearly so well. You both are a testimony of God's grace.
Dustin, I saw your parents at the Lehman family reunion. Your dad said something about the tough time you all were having. I had no idea until yesterday what was going on. Our prayers will be with you.
Talon and Lisa

The Amstutz Family said...

Thinking about and praying for you guys. Hope today is a day of wonder and hope.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you and baby Todd!
I'm crying with you.
How wonderful that you could spend time with the girls over the holiday. Mike and Stacy must be very special friends. God supplies us with all we need. He is awesome and consistent. You are very blessed.
God has big plans for baby Todd, already he is using him to help others feel and see the presence of God. I pray today is a day of great progress for Todd!
Keep the faith and he will carry you through.
Love and Prayers,
Vi (Violet)

Beth said...

Continuing to pray for ALL of YOU!