Wednesday, December 31

Leaving a Legacy

Tuesday morning we made our final drive home from DuPont Children's Hospital. The ride home was quiet, and full of mixed emotions. We definitely felt a relief and peace to know that we were going home, however there was an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Sadness at the thought of "leaving something behind". It was way stronger than forgetting where you put your keys, or forgetting something on the grocery list; which I've done countless times. I'm not really sure that there are words to express the emotions.
Several times during the drive I would look back at the girls, and see silent tears flowing down their cheeks. It was heartbreaking to see them hurting, yet their faith in knowing that Baby Brother is with Jesus, with a brand new heart, is very encouraging.
We both feel very blessed to have been given 3 weeks with Baby Todd, and memories we will cherish forever. We may never know the full impact he had on others, but we are certain that he has left a legacy that will never be forgotten.


Anne said...

So True! "Leaving a Legacy"!! Thank you, Dustin, Jerri & girls for allowing God to use you as the vessels to carry Todd into this world, allowing God to bring him into a part of your family and being used by Him to bring even more glory, honor & praise to our Savior!! You have been an inspiration and blessing to my entire extended family!!! God is at work and His name will be praised!!!

Pastor Al & Mary Ellen said...

Dustin & Jeri, your grief is felt by many of us. We thank you for sharing your hearts with us all. Baby Todd has already left a legacy. We know that he will not be forgotten, and I believe that the doctors and nurses that came into contact with you have all been touched by your testimony. God is good and His name is being praised through your lives.

The Amstutz Family said...

Little Todd has left quite a legacy. Children are so often amusing and occasionally profound. Other children are quite special indeed, like Todd, and they have a way of challenging us and making us grow in such deeper ways. I have definitely experienced this through little Todd's courageous life and am so grateful for that. Know too that his legacy and encouragement was possible in large part to the gifts of faith and hope that you shared with him. Thanks for being faithful and for letting Todd's "little light shine". Our hearts hurt for you and the girls. You are never far from our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Your faith in God and testimony of total dependance on Him has been a blessing to all. We give Glory to God for sustaining you and your family through these three weeks. We give Him Glory for allowing 'the little man' to become a part and impact your family for these three weeks, for him to have the strength to squeeze your finger and the memory you will always have of that pressure on your finger. We give Him Glory for this special Christmas and birthday that your family will remember forever.
And we will continue to give Him Glory as he continues to sustain you in these next weeks, months and years with the memory of Little Todd Heston.
Our love and prayers go to Him on your behalf.
Dennie and Jean Koontz