Monday, December 8


This is a bit of backing up, but I wanted to take a minute to fill everyone in on the transport to Wilmington.

Baby Todd was born at 2:12pm on Friday afternoon, and taken immediately to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Around 5:30pm we got the call that the DuPont Transport team has arrived and were preparing him for transport. At this point we got to go be with Baby Todd in the NICU before he left. I was able to hold him for a minute...only long enough for Dustin to take this picture.

Dustin was not able to ride in the ambulance with the Baby, but followed in our vehicle. They left Harrisburg around 6:30pm and it took them about 2 hours to get to Wilmington.

Dustin got settled into our room for the night, and I met up with him on Saturday. I was discharged from the Harrisburg Hospital around 8:15am and left the hospital around 11am and headed straight to DuPont.

Thanks to everyone who was with us on Friday and Saturday and helped us through this transition!!

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