Tuesday, December 16

Bittersweet emotions

Monday started kind of bittersweet. When we met with the Doctor, he said Baby Todd's urine output has been increasing, which is a good sign. He continued to say that his right lung did not appear to be functioning, which lowered his blood oxygen level. This was a step in the wrong direction.
Dustin was able to make a quick trip home today to see the girls for the afternoon. They were so excited and surprised to see him. After tucking them into bed he headed back to the hospital.
I was able to sit with Baby Todd for about an hour this evening before dinner. For most of my visit, he was opening his eyes and following my voice. This was the highlight of my day. He has proven himself to be a tough little boy.
Despite the increase in his urine output, he is still retaining a lot of fluids. We are praying that his kidneys will continue to improve and for his right lung to regain function.


Anonymous said...

We will pray for that too! The girls were SO excited to see him yesterday....I think Mike was excited to see Dustin too:)


Anonymous said...

Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Galen

Our love, thoughts and prayers are pouring your way.

posebyselena said...

It's nice that Dustin got to go home. I'm sure it's hard to be away from the girls. God will give you both the strength and grace that you need to get through this! We are praying for you guys. Selena

Anonymous said...

I am sure the girls were happy to see daddy as well as Daddy was happy to spent time with the girls happy that could happen!! We continue to sent our love and prayers!
Rachel & Lloyd

Anonymous said...

Technology sure makes communication easier. It's good to be kept up-to-date.
Be assured our prayers have been and are with you.

Benjamin and Janet

anya said...

I'm thinking of you guys all the time. Praying for a Christmas miracle.

love to you

Twila said...

It is nice to know what specifically to pray for! Our prayers are coming your way!

The Amstutz Family said...

We are praying with you. How precious to have that time with Todd yesterday and to have him recognize your voice. I'm sure it must have been exciting at your house too when Dustin got there! Blessings.

Kristin said...

I want you to know we are praying for you and your family every day. I race home to hear/read the updates. You are in our thoughts and prayers. I am so glad you got to spend time with him and he was awake to see/hear you. I pray that he makes more progress. We love you and miss you!