Wednesday, December 24

The Kitchen Sink

Ready or not we have to do it. This is how our day started this morning. It was determined the VV ecmo was doing more harm than good, thus making Todd sick. We had to take him off the VV ecmo and see if his lungs could do their job. A couple of hours later with his oxygen levels dropping, we knew his lungs were not ready. So, back onto another type of VV ecmo to help minimize the harm. They have also started a form of dialysis to help get rid of the extra fluids in Todds body. This is the last attempt to dry out his lungs and get them working. I guess one could say "We now threw in the kitchen sink". The next day or two we will know the direction we are heading.
We do have a room at the Ronald McDonald House and friends of ours (Mike and Stacy) are bringing the girls down tonight to stay a couple of days. When we checked in, they took us to Santa's Workshop full of toys. They told us to pick out five toys per kid and two for each of us for Christmas. The girls are going to have plenty of presents this year to help drown out the drama, and Baby Todd will have plenty also for when he gets well.
Despite all the drama Todd has been through, he squeezed Jerri's finger and looked her in the eyes. This was the encouragement we needed to make it another day. We are praying for a Christmas Miracle tonight. I know God is going to remain faithful, so I am remaining faithful also.
Merry Christmas to All and God Bless


Rusty said...

Jerri and Dustin,

Wanted join you in praying for your Christmas miracle. We love you guys and thinking about you.

Rusty and Renae

Mary Ellen said...

Dear Dustin & Jerri, Pastor Al & I want to stand with you for your Christmas miracle. May God's love and peace be on you this Christmas eve.God is soooo GOOD and He knows all our needs before we ask or think. I'm glad that the girls will be able to be with you these next few days.

The Amstutz Family said...

Merry Christmas to you guys too. You've been in our thoughts and prayers all day and will continue to be tonight and tomorrow too. Have a fun celebration with the girls.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!
May God be with you all.
I am praying for a miracle for Todd. And peace and comfort for you two and the girls.
God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to the five of you! We are praying for a miacle, too. Our thoughts are with you.

Rosanne & family

free2live4him said...

Merry Christmas!
We took special time out before we opened presents this morning to pray for a christmas miracle for Baby Todd.
May your christmas be blessed and full of joy!
Love ya'll.

Zmster said...

Dustin & Jerri,

We're praying for all of you: For strength & healing for Todd and strength for you; For peace for you two in a very troubled time; For loving time together as a family;

Claude & family